I write because the world is both heartbreakingly sad and heartbreakingly joyful, and the only way for me to bear the pain, the only way for me to bear the world's bright beauty is to catch and to set it down in front of you, gently, honestly, in words..  survivants

I wonder how it starts


There is no last good day.

One day you’re thinking about

Going back, and then

You’re there. 

And every time I look at him, I ask myself

"Am I doing the right thing?" because 

The answer is never just yes. It’s always “Yes,


Before you tell me I’m beautiful

There will be days where I am so drenched in my own insecurity that I will forget how to breathe without suffocating on it. But, not matter how consumed I am by self-loathing, don’t you dare tell me I’m beautiful.

No matter how many Dove campaigns you have seen, “You are beautiful” will never be the answer when it in itself is the problem.

You cannot eradicate the insecurity of feeling insufficiently attractive by backhandedly reinforcing the importance of physical attractiveness. It creates a twisted pedestal for women by indadvertedly saying “It’s okay, but it’s only okay because you are beautiful.” 

Even if it “works,” even if you are able to inspire some confidence about my appearance, those three words still aren’t even close to a solution. Why is it so important to be beautiful? Why are millions of dollars spent on campaigns to make girls feel beautiful? Why do we hang up post-its in girls’ bathrooms and sharpee it on walls? Is society saying that beauty is the highest thing a girl can hope to achieve?

Because when men are insecure, they are not told that they are handsome. They are told that they have the world at their fingertips. They are told that they can accomplish anything.

So why do we tell girls that they are beautiful?

I would rather you tell me I’m kind. Tell me I’m funny or intelligent or thoughtful or insightful. Tell me you love the way I read the New York Times, not the way my eyes crinkle when I smile. Tell me you love how I care about our GDP (it’s up 4% this quarter so can the fed please raise interest rates now?). Tell me you like the way I hold doors open or pick up trash on the streets, but don’t tell me I’m beautiful.

Tell me I am worth more than my image.

Maybe, just maybe, girls wouldn’t be so damn insecure if we stopped perpetuating the importance of beauty.

"Every introvert alive knows the exquisite pleasure of stepping from the clamor of a party into the bathroom and closing the door.”
— Sophia Dembling - The Introvert’s Way: Living a Quiet Life in a Noisy World 
"It is allowed to invent new verbs?
I want to create one for you: I sky you, so that my wings may stretch out enormously, to love you without boundaries.”
— Frida Kahlo, Passionate Letters, Abscondita (2002)
"That’s why it’s love—it’s unconditional. Whether you commit a mistake or a hundred, I would still love you. They say the most romantic kind of love is the unfinished kind. The kind that will forever burn and mark your soul.”
— Pamela Ann, Chasing Imperfection
"I will only let you touch me
if your hands are so full of intention that every brush of your palms feels like you writing a novel on my skin.”
— Azra. T, Braile (via aurelle)